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I’m trying to get some cash together so i can:
• visit my sweetheart
• get top surgery (binders restrict my breathing too much and slumping has ruined my back)
•get maya, zbrush, and a computer fast enough to run them

HERE ARE MY RATES! and i’ve got examples too, hooray

• sketched busts — $5 
• sketched 3/4 body or full-body (like these, maybe w/o color) — $10
• color busts — $12
• color full or 3/4 -body (like this) — $15
• painted busts (like this) — $25
• painted full or 3/4 body (like this) — $30
• painted full/half body with background (like this or this) — $50 which yeah okay i know is a lot but jeezum crow those things take forever!!

adding a character would be the base price + 1/5th per character; so 2 character colored busts would cost $18

ALSO I can do graphic design stuff! so if you need a logo, or you need an article laid out all nicely, or anything like that— i can do that too! 

and if you wanna hire me for something, like if you need a concept artist for your indie video game or you need someone to draw your idea for a webcomic, or you want someone to illustrate your books, or you need an inbetweener or a colorist or a letterer or anything, hit me up!! i’m sure we can work something out

you can contact me through my email, puckingscout@gmail.com

or (less reliably), through loarfy.tumblr.com and santistudios.tumblr.com

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